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Frequently Asked Questions
How to purchase ticket in the new ticket system?

  • To purchase ticket, passengers can:
    • Go to counter (JB Sentral and Woodlands).
    • Go to online ticketing site
  • Passport number and expiry date is required when purchasing ticket as passport will serve as boarding pass.

When can I purchase a ticket at counter before the train's departure?

  • Counter will stop selling tickets 20 minutes before the train's departure time.

How to board the train?

  • Passport will serve as boarding pass. Passengers are not allowed to board the train without a valid passport.
  • Wait for the boarding time. What is the boarding time for my train?
  • Passengers have to pass through Automatic Controller Gate (ACG) by scanning their passport for verification purpose.
  • Only passengers who have purchased tickets are allowed to enter the boarding hall.

What is the boarding time for my train?

  • JB Sentral:
    • Open 30 minutes before departure time.
    • Closed 10 minutes before departure time.
  • Woodlands:
    • Open 40 minutes before departure time.
    • Closed 20 minutes before departure time.

How many seats are there in a train for Shuttle Tebrau?

  • The train has a maximum seat capacity of 320.

What is the passport expiry policy for travelling from JB Sentral to Woodlands?

  • Passengers' passport should have at least 30 days validity from the day of travel.

How can my children travel for free?

  • Children under 4 years old travel for free but will be required to register at the ticket counter before departure.
  • Children over 4 years old will be required to purchase a ticket.

Is there any concession fare for Shuttle Tebrau?

  • There is no concession fare for Shuttle Tebrau.

What is the ticket fare?

  • JB Sentral - Woodlands
    • Malaysian: RM5
    • Non-Malaysian: RM5
  • Woodlands - JB Sentral
    • Malaysian: RM5
    • Non-Malaysian: SGD5*
  • JB Sentral - Woodlands - JB Sentral
    • Malaysian: RM5 + RM5
    • Non-Malaysian: RM5 + SGD5*
  • Woodlands - JB Sentral - Woodlands
    • Malaysian: RM5 + RM5
    • Non-Malaysian: SGD5* + SGD5*
Note: (*) convert to Malaysian Ringgit

How to verify as Malaysian citizen?

  • Register KITS and verify original Mykad at ticket kiosk (TVM) or KTMB ticket counter

How to purchase ticket for Malaysian citizen?

  • Online purchase for KITS account holder using "I Am Travelling"
  • Purchase at ticket counter by presenting the original Mykad or passport
    • Woodlands ticket counter: Payment mode KTM Wallet only
    • JB Sentral ticket counter: Payment mode cash, KTM Wallet or debit/credit card

  • Passenger's Name, Passport No. & Passport Expiry Date are mandatory (Passport expiry date must be at least 30 days before departure date).
  • Ticket purchase via counter is limit to 4 tickets per transaction.
  • Ticket purchase via online is limit to 6 ticket per transaction.
  • Ticket amendment is not allowed.